Massages & treatments

Simple, revitalising moments delivered with passion.

Main massant une femme relaxée avec de l'huile et une serviette recouvrant le bas d'une corps de la femme


A tailor-made massage

We offer 3 types of massage with different properties and let you choose the length of the massage: 25, 55 or 85 minutes.

THE CALIFORNIAN, a gentle massage, the ultimate cocooning treatment.

THE SWEDISH,a dynamic technique adapted to sports enthusiasts, which soothes muscular tension.

THE NAMA ABHYANGA, inspired by the Indian Abhyanga massage, gives you a feeling of letting go that helps relieve stress.

Mains du praticien masseur exécutant un massage du dos d'une personne allongé sur le ventre

An invitation to a journey

Our 4 face and body treatments, combined with the benefits of Phytocéane natural products, take your senses on a journey to faraway destinations.

SHIRAKAMI, a moisturising facial treatment with Aosa water. A rejuvenating journey to the heart of Japan.

YUCATAN, a soothing facial with organic Mexican Aloe Vera. A relaxing and regenerating interlude.

BORA-BORA, A softening body treatment with Tiaré flower. A relaxing massage inspired by Polynesian beauty rituals.

ZANZIBAR, a nourishing body treatment with Coconut oil that transports you to the transparent waters of faraway lagoons.

Massage du visage d'une femme ayant une serviette sur la tête